Canine Country Quarters

Year round country boarding camp for your outward bound hound...


Complimentary pick-up and delivery in the New York City metropolitan area

Short term (3 day minimum) & Long term boarding


Welcome to Canine Country Quarters, a unique dog boarding facility for discerning pet owners. Canine Country Quarters caters to well-socialized dogs and their owners in that our canine guests are never subjected to a cage/crate at any time during their stay. Our goal is to closely replicate their home environment, which includes always being within petting distance. During a visit to Canine Country Quarters, your dog will normally be in one of two places: In the main farm house where they will eat, nap and sleep or roaming free in a secure 3 acre pasture with a pond under the constant supervision of our caregivers. However, on days when the weather is unfavorable, our canine guests can still get plenty of exercise in the indoor doggy gym (currently undergoing renovation).

The sleeping arrangements for our guests at Canine Country Quarters aim to simulate an environment that your dog is accustomed to. That means being in a warm rustic house with his/her own space, a comfortable eco-friendly bed, food/water dish, and the ability to interact with a human at all times. While each dog may not have his/her own room, each dog will be assigned a bedroom with 1-2 others dogs based on size, temperament, prior socialization with roommates, and the critical observation of our caretakers or If they so choose they can sleep on one of the many couches or dog beds in the living room . This works well because following a long day of socializing, exercising and relaxing, our guests are always ready for a restful night’s sleep. If it turns out that your dog is more comfortable sleeping alone, we have plenty of space and can accommodate such situations as they arise.

At Canine Country Quarters, our agenda is not only to provide a safe and holistic environment where dog can socialize, exercise, and relax but also to be the next-best substitute to you in providing care for your best friend.


Relax and enjoy your travels. Your dog is safe and happy with us.


Please contact us at 917-804-4813 or by clicking Contact Us to learn more about our exclusive dog care services. 

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